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This week in Behind The Scenes we would like to introduce you to our digital marketing Intern Gundu Gratie! Gundu will give us insights on how it is to intern at OVIAVO, the learning curves and what she enjoys most about her internship! 

Meet Gundu

Gundu joined the OVIAVO team in September as a digital marketing intern and is currently in the last semester of her studies. Before joining OVIAVO, she already gained some experience in the marketing field. ‘I decided to apply for OVIAVO for my graduation internship because I really liked the mission of the company and I wanted to know more about the business model and how B2B companies operate’. The company mission was not the only thing that attracted Gundu to work for OVIAVO: ‘I had to participate in three interviews and I really liked how dedicated and motivated everyone was to make this work.’

When asked what Gundu liked the most about her internship she immediately mentioned the OVIAVO team! ‘The OVIAVO team is diverse, not only culturally, but also personality wise we are all quite different but we all get along so well, which makes going to work so much more fun’. As a digital marketing intern, Gundu’s job is very distinctive which makes her job challenging and exciting. ‘I am doing a lot of different things as an intern,’ Gundu explains. ‘It is exciting to see my work published and track the performances of different marketing strategies I learned at my university.’ Because of her high responsibility, Gundu also has the chance to work closely with the founders ‘I work very closely with Jenny Saft, one of the founders of the company, it is nice to see that my opinions are valued and respected by the founders and I can learn a lot from them since they already have a lot of work experience.’ 

The Learning Curve

‘Of course internships are here so you can gain knowledge in a certain field, but at OVIAVO I also learned which aspects of marketing I like more than others’. Gundu points out that over the 4 months she has been working at OVIAVO she has had the opportunity to explore several different areas she is interested in. ‘I really enjoy writing articles, so I discussed this with the founders and they gave me the chance to write some articles for our website! Which is super thrilling.’ Gundu continues: ‘I think over the 4 months I have been here, I definitely improved my writing skills, but I also learned how our audience reacts to certain posts. You learn those things at university, but it is pretty cool to try them out’.

Gundu also explains that being an intern at a fast growing company can come with some challenges. ‘Sometimes there are several different things to do at the same time which can be a little stressful, but I never felt like I was given too much work which I can not handle. Besides, OVIAVO has created an environment in which all employees feel welcomed to share their problems. It gives a little peace of mind to know that the founders will support you when you feel overwhelmed.’ Gundu explained further that it is not just the founders that support her when she feels overwhelmed. ‘The whole OVIAVO team is very invested in the company, so I always felt comfortable to ask help from other departments and vice versa, at the same time this also provides some extra insight into how other departments of a B2B company operate.’ 

The Main Takeaway

Gundu has learned a lot already in a short period of time, but we wanted to know what the main thing is she will take away after her internship at OVIAVO: ‘I think the most important thing I learned during my internship so far are two things: first of all I learned which areas of marketing I like most, which in my case is content marketing and secondly, I also learned that there really are companies out there that care about and value their employees. I am hopefully graduating soon, and entering the job market after graduating is scary, but OVIAVO has taught me that my needs at a company are just as important.’

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Jenny Saft

Jenny Saft

Founder of OVIAVO

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